Woman In Me unreleased tracks

1, Come The Day
2, Miss Your Love
3, The Only Thing That Matters
4, From The Back Of My Mind
5, Good Girl
6, He's Mine
7, Remember My Heartbeat (an early version of when will my heart beat again with a different chorus)

Elbow Beach unreleased tracks

1, Invisible
2, Move over
3, 5,4,3,2,1 {Let go}
4, Jealous
5, Mickeys (an early version of first kiss)

Best of Louise unreleased track

I Wanna Sack The Quarterback

Unreleased album tracks (no final album tracklisting was ever done)

Pandora's Kiss
Don't Give Up
Bounce Back
Don't Ever Change (feat Lifford )
Make It Fit
Right Into Reverse
What's Gonna Go Down
Too Late
Ace Of Hearts
Something More
In Tears
Ten Feet Off The Ground ( the first and only song done under the Metrophonic record deal )
Negotiate With Love
All I Want

Various other unreleased tracks

Superwoman with kelle Bryan, Michelle Gayle and Micha Paris, 1997

Micheal Gayle did not like how it sounded so she asked for her vocals to be taken off. Then, she and micha Paris were both dropped by emi records and it went unreleased