World Pop

Date : 04 November 2000

 Pop star Louise plans new career

 UK pop star Louise, who kicked off her career with girl group Eternal, has revealed her ambitions to become a video director. Speaking to worldpop on the video set of her new single Beautiful Inside, Louise confided that despite having to endure long hours on her video shoots the experience is a must for her next career step.

 'Today we're here from 8.30am until about four... that's four in the morning,' she sighed before explaining, 'I like to get involved and bring some of my own ideas to it. I'd like to be a director eventually.'

 Beautiful Inside, which is expected to hit the Top 20 of the worldpop-sponsored UK charts on Sunday, is taken from Louise's second debut album Elbow Beach, named after the location in which she married footballer Jamie Redknapp. The single aims to lift the pressure women feel about their looks and image suggesting that it's what a person's like on the inside that really counts. Didn't Louise find it slightly hypocritical to be preened to near perfection for the video shoot? 'It's a weird one!' she admitted to worldpop. 'It's so hard to sing about not overdoing your make-up and hair and then not do that in the video. No one wants to see you looking scruffy.'

 Watch the video interview with Louise here and take a sneaky peek behind the scenes of the video shoot for Beautiful Inside.

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