World Pop

Date : May 2001


 Louise has been doing a sterling job hosting SMtv:live and cd:uk with regular presenter Cat Deeley. Despite her hectic morning's schedule we caught up with the original pop princess for a backstage banter.

 worldpop: Well done! Another successful week of presenting. Are you planning to switch from singing to TV now?

 Louise: Singing is still my main career. It's funny cos when I heard the cd:uk music start up again it made me want to get up on the stage and sing. It's always great when you get offered something like this though cos it's such good fun especially doing acting pieces like Chums. I enjoyed it so much this morning.

 worldpop: Are you big fans of Ant, Dec and Cat?

 Louise: Well Ant and Dec are just so naturally brilliant and I think Cat rises up to that well and she's her own person despite their strong characters. The three of them are great together.

 worldpop: Are you feeling broody yet like Emma Bunton?

 Louise: No! Everyone keeps telling me I should be feeling broody. I would love a family but I do think the timing's got to be right.

 worldpop: Would you find it difficult taking time out of your career?

 Louise: No. The good thing is, if you can manage to look after yourself you only have to take a couple of months out and then if you've got a good mum like I have it shouldn't be too much bother.

 worldpop: Do you think Kerry Katona and Bryan McFadden are too young to settle down?

 Louise: No. I was pretty young when I got married. I was working from the age of 16 travelling the world with Eternal. When you're in that position you get to see and do such a lot that you reach the stage where you think, 'Right, I just want to settle down and be at home with the person I love.' If you happen to find that person at a young age then great. If you don't find then until you're 30 or 40 then so be it. There's never the right age it just depends what's right for you.

 worldpop: You have a reputation as a sweet natured girl. Is that true to life?

 Louise: I can be such a bitch - I just don't let anyone see! I think some people might disagree with my lovely reputation especially early in the morning. But I have this attitude in life that it's really important not to turn up anywhere in a bad mood.

 worldpop: Why?

 Louise: Because if there's anything that's gonna give me the hump it's someone with a stinking attitude so I'm not going to have one of them. But I have my bad days.

 worldpop: How's your driving skills these days?

 Louise: I drive fabulous now! I passed my test a couple of years ago.

 worldpop: So why are you giggling and blushing?

 Louise: Because everyone laughs when I talk about driving but I've only ever pranged my car once! I'm a very good driver. They always say the good drivers pass on the fourth or fifth go! I hated the lessons. It was boring. I thought I was too good that was my problem. I thought I knew all the moves.

 worldpop: Who would you most like to duet with during your singing career?

 Louise: I don't want to do a duet. I'd love to do a trio, something a bit more tangled, a bit more unexpected. I'd like to work with two people who are completely different from me just to enhance what I do. I've also wanted to work with William Orbit right from the really early days when he was just starting on the Madonna stuff.

 worldpop: What are your thoughts on politics?

 Louise: I really do think they need to try and get younger people more interested in politics. I don't know how, but they need to make politics more accessible. I think it's important to know what's going on in the country you live in cos it effects you and it's gonna affect your children in the future.

 worldpop: What changes would you like the next Government to bring about?

 Louise: There's a few things that could be brushed up on like the hospitals. You don't realise until you have someone ill in your family that things maybe aren't as good as they should be.

 worldpop: If you were invited to No 10 what would you check out first?

 Louise: I'd have a look to see what the house decor was like!

 Interview: Helen Lamont