World Pop

Date : 13 July 2001

 Louise lashes out at music biz

 Louise Redknapp has been speaking exclusively to worldpop about her new single, a cover of classic track Stuck In The Middle With You and has told us she believes the music market is flooded with acts.

 'The music industry has changed unbelievably in the nine years I've been in it,' Louise said, speaking to worldpop on the set of her new video. 'I know nine years is a long time but at the same time, it's not that long for something to change so dramatically. I think it's so much harder now to release a record. People are much more critical of you. Either that or I'm just getting older and more aware.

 'There's a lot more competition nowadays,' Louise continued. 'It's a lot harder to get played on radio, it's a lot harder to get played on TV and it's a lot harder to keep your fans because there's so much choice for them. I really don't think the market was so flooded before.'

 Louise Redknapp will end her five-album recording contract with EMI after the release of her fifth album, a greatest hits collection, in September. The album will feature Stuck In The Middle With You and a cover of Five Star's The Slightest Touch. But Louise insists that despite parting company with her record label, she is not calling it a day, 'The greatest hits is the end of a chapter,' she said. 'Ideally, I would like to go into the studio straight away and start work on a new album.'

 Look out for worldpop's exclusive behind-the-scenes report from the video, coming soon. Stuck In The Middle With You is released next month.