World Pop

Date : 18 August 2001


 The loveliest lady in pop gives us the low down on her new single. Over to you Lou.…

 worldpop: What brought about the cover of Stuck In The Middle With You? Louise: I was looking for songs for the greatest hits and a producer of mine suggested I try Stuck In the Middle. People thought it was really good and then we had ideas for the video and before I knew it was the first single from the greatest hits!

 worldpop: What is the story of the video?

 Louise: Those who've seen Reservoir Dogs will know exactly where I'm coming from. We're a group of gangsters and we've got a guy bound up in the boot of the car and we get him out and we tie him up and all that kind of thing. It's actually a particularly gruesome scene in the movie when they play the song, but I'm very tongue in cheek with it. I'm just having a laugh. It was funny getting into character. I did one scene where we were supposed to look quite sinister and after the first take the director called me over to watch what I'd done and I was singing away with a big cheesy grin! I soon got into it though.

 worldpop: Would you like to try acting?

 Louise: I'd love to. I wouldn't be looking for a major role but an incey bit would be nice. I'd like to do a British film and something gritty, along the lines of this video would be good.

 worldpop: Is the greatest hits the last we'll be seeing from Louise?

 Louise: Absolutely not! I decided to do the greatest hits was because I've come to the end of a five-album deal with my record company so I thought it would be nice to do this now and then go on and start afresh with new stuff. Hopefully the future will be a new album from me. Ideally I'd like to go into the studio straight away.

 worldpop: How did you enjoy presenting SM:tv and cd:uk?

 Louise: It was brilliant. I think if I'd gone and tried to present any other show I would have had a nightmare but Cat was brilliant. She's so good to learn from. There's not many things I'd like to do presenting-wise but doing SM:tv was wicked.

 worldpop: We all got to see quite a lot of you recently when you were photographed on holiday. How did you feel about that?

 Louise: It was so funny because only the day before we'd talked about it and Jamie had said, 'No one will be interested in us, we've been married three years now,' and then the next day I got a phone call saying we were in all the papers back home. But when I saw them it was kind of hard to be angry because they were saying nice things. It was a bit of a shock though!

 worldpop: Last time we spoke to you, you said you were sick of people asking when you're going to have a baby. Have you thought up a witty response?

 Louise: Not yet! It just really annoys me when people keep asking because it puts so much pressure on you. Of course I want a family and of course when the time's right for me and Jamie that's what we'll we do. But it's just it's the first thing anybody asks me in an interview or when they see me. I haven't got a witty reply though. I wish I did have!

 worldpop: You're always coming top in sexiest woman in the world polls. Do you ever worry about slipping down the list?

 Louise: I'm already slipping, I'm down there, I'm out of the tens, over with! No seriously, I don't worry about slipping down in those charts. I worry about making the Top 10 in the singles and album charts but I certainly don't worry about slipping out of the Top 10 in the sexiest woman chart. As flattering as it is that's not one of my major concerns.

 Stuck In The Middle With You is released on 27 August with Changing Faces (The Best Of Louise) following on 10 September.