Pop star Louise Nurding has declared that she believes the government should make politics more attractive to young people so that they don't feel as alienated.

The singer, who has spent the past two Saturdays co-presenting SM:tv live and cd:uk with Cat Deeley while Ant and Dec are away, revealed that she believes it's vital everyone should feel confident about taking an interest in their country.

'I really do think they need to try and get younger people more interested in politics,' she said. 'I don't know how, but they need to make politics more accessible. I think it's important to know what's going on in the country you live in cos it effects you and it's gonna affect your children in the future.'

When asked what changes she'd like the next Government to bring about Louise replied, 'There's a few things that could be brushed up on like the hospitals.' She continued to explain that personal experience has drawn her attention to the state of the NHS. 'You don't realise until you have someone ill in your family that things maybe aren't as good as they should be.' 

Married to Liverpool footballer Jamie Redknapp, Louise confessed that her friends keep telling her she should be feeling broody by now. 'I would love a family,' she admitted adding, 'but I do think the timing's got to be right.'

She also revealed that her sweet-natured reputation is merely down to the polite, friendly public face she maintains. 'I can be such a bitch - I just don't let anyone see!' Louise let slip, adding, 'I think some people might disagree with my lovely reputation especially early in the morning!'

Meanwhile although Louise is keen on her TV work, she is adamant that singing is her priority and indeed was in the recording studio until 4am the night before her Saturday morning presenting stint.