The original pop princess is back to reclaim her place on the throne and this time she's got an armful of self-penned tunes. cd:uk joined Louise in one of her favourite pastimes - shopping - and discovered all the goss on married life, songwriting secrets and nail-biting nerves …

WORLDPOP: Tell us about your new single
LOUISE: It's called 2 Faced and the song actually came about when I was walking down the road one day and someone crossed over just to say, 'Oh, you look really awful!' When I got home I thought, 'Why? Why do you recognise somebody just to say something negative to them?'

WORLDPOP: Are you nervous having been away so long?
LOUISE: I most definitely more nervous now than when I first left the group because there's an awful amount of pressure. Once you've been out and you've been successful there's that pressure in the pop industry that you've gotta get back quick. You can't leave it too long otherwise someone else will come along and take your place

WORLDPOP: What's idea behind the video?
LOUISE: The video idea was a bit of a chill out party kind of vibe. When I walk in there's these people who don't really know one another but they just think they look the part and they're cool, but then I realise they're just pieces of paper and they're not real people at all.

WORLDPOP: So it has nothing to do with your feelings for your ex-band mates?
LOUISE: People have said to me, 'Is it to do with Eternal?' but honestly, it isn't. It's nothing to do with anything like that.

WORLDPOP: Do you still count clothes shopping as a major pastime? 
LOUISE: I do like clothes! There's nothing better than meeting up with the girls, going out shopping all day, going for lunch, shopping a bit more, going home and trying everything on. I normally get home and find out that half of it doesn't really fit properly.

WORLDPOP: Has your style changed since your absence from the charts? 
LOUISE: There's loads of things I wouldn't wear now, especially some of the skimpier clothes. I don't know how I had the confidence to wear some of it but I think they suited me at that time of my life and you know what they say... no regrets.

WORLDPOP: Your album has a strange title.
LOUISE: It's called Elbow Beach and a load of people actually thought I was bonkers calling it that but it's actually where I got married so straight away it's a very special place.

WORLDPOP: We take it you're enjoying life as Mrs Redknapp?
LOUISE: Yes. Everyone always says I beam when I start talking about married life, but it's fantastic and I'm so happy. I love being married.

WORLDPOP: And what comes first for Jamie? You or the football?!
LOUISE: I'm the ultimate football widow! Football is on constantly at all times no matter what language, but that's great, I respect that. He loves his job so much and he's so passionate about it that it's a huge part of his life, but I'm cool with that. So long as he doesn't mind me coming home playing my songs and driving him mad. worldpop: Finally, what are your expectations for the new material? Louise: I would be so proud to see my album and singles up there doing well. I'm so happy with it all. I just hope everyone is as happy as me.