Worldpop - 2000

The CD:UK Interview With Louise

Louise tells worldpop she's a bit of a homebody these days, preferring to stay in and chill than go wild at every showbiz bash going

worldpop: You've said before that you're a bit of a homebody these days, but do you still get to party a lot?
Louise: I've never been a huge showbiz party animal. Occasionally I go out, but very rarely. I'm not hugely into nightclubbing all the time.

worldpop: What was the last good party you went to?
Louise: I have to say quite boastfully that it was my own birthday party last November, which is really sad isn't it? It was in Titanic in the West End of London. I threw it with Paul Ince because my husband's good mates with him, so we shared a birthday party.

worldpop: What would your ideal birthday party be like?
Louise: I'd like to have it somewhere quite authentic, somewhere a little bit different to your average trendy place. I'd like to have it somewhere with a bit of character, like a museum or something. I'd invite all my friends from school and my family.

worldpop: What's your ideal night in?
Louise: I like staying in on a Thursday and watching Friends, cooking dinner and lying on the sofa like a couch potato.

worldpop: Are you a good cook?
Louise: No, I'm a pretty terrible cook but I have a go, and I'm hoping to get better as time goes on!

worldpop: You've got a lovely cosy home life these days, what are you like at all those boring household chores?
Louise: Oh, I'm really good at running my home. I'm very good at chores. I know it's mad but I actually enjoy it when no one's in, when Jamie and the dog are out and I can just clean. I enjoy it. I know it's mad but I like being to order my own house.

worldpop: Ahhhh, but do you have a cleaner?
Louise: I do, I have two girls that look after the house when I'm not there because my husband is extremely messy. If I came home at the end of the week I would not have one clean spoon, so they come in and help me out.

worldpop: You've got houses in London and Liverpool - where do you spend most of your time?
Louise: My time is pretty split between Liverpool and London. I try to get back to Liverpool as much as I can because I'd say that's where my home is right now. When I'm in London I'm obviously working, and my family are from London, so it's 50/50, I'd say.

worldpop: And there's a new edition to the family your dog!
Louise: I've got a gorgeous bulldog called Winston. He's about seven and a half stone and he's going to be at least a stone heavier when he's fully grown because he's only nine months old at the moment. He's gorgeous, he's my baby.

Louise's new single, 2Faced, is out 17 July