TV Hits, December 1997
Hanging Around with Louise.

In the depths of the East End of London, right at the top of the old Financial Times building - normally a still and ghost-like place - music can be heard. As I reach the top, I'm greeted by Louise swinging through the air on stell helicopter ladders, wearing a daring but very sexy, red leather trouser suit. Nice! So what's going on, I hear you ask. Well, Lou's making the video for her seventh solo single,  'Lets Go Round Again', in which she plays a full-on action-girl, and I've been invited to hang around the set - not on the ladder, mind!

So What's the new video about?
 This is the story - we're breaking into a building to uncover this big operation, but what we don't realise is we're being filmed, so then we have to escape. It's exciting doing a video like this for a change - you get fed up doing videos where you just flirt at the cameras all the time. It gets a bit boring!

What kind of action girl would you be, given the choice - Pamela Anderson Lee in 'Barb Wire', Demi Moore in 'G.I. Jane', or Anneka Rice in 'Treasure Hunt'?
 Definitely not Pamela Anderson! I'd probably be Demi Moore, but I wouldn't shave me hair off cos I'd look disgusting!

Of all the videos you've done so far, which has been you favorite?
 Up until now I think 'Naked' was the most dynamic, and it was also a change, direction wise, for me - but hopefully this one will look the best. I'm having good fun so far.

Do you find making videos tiring?
 Well, take today - I've been up since six this morning and we're scheduled to finish at around three tomorrow morning! Also, there's a lot of hanging about, waiting while the crew set up the next shot. So yeah, it can get very tiring, especially when you know you've got a photoshoot tomorrow.

I'd have thought you be used to that by now after six years in the business - do you feel like you're the grandma of pop yet, at the grand age of 23?
 You know, it's really funny - I was just listening to the radio and an advert came on for Eternal Greatest Hits, and they played Stay and Save Our Love. It really took me back, you know? That was, like five years ago - it's scary. This year I did quite a lot of the summer roadshows and stuff, and there're all these new bands and they all seem young, and all the ones that were there the year before or the year before that are gone. I have to make all these new friends again, or I just sit in the corner being Billy-no-mates!

So do you see yourself still doing this when you're 50, like Tina Turner and Cher?
 I would love to be doing this at 50. Maybe not the same stuff as I'm doing now! I'd also like to have accomplished a number of different by the time I'm that age. It'd be nice to come back now and again to do some recording. But Tina Turner's got far better legs than I have now, so I doubt I'll have as good legs when I'm 50!
 I think a lot of people would disagree with you there, Lou - you're being far too modest!

What's it feel like to win all these awards for the most fanciable female and sexiest woman and all that?>
 I can't pretend I'm not flattered, but y'know, I just wish I was!

Come on, now!
 I don't overtly go out selling myself as sex, y'know. I look in the mirror somedays and think, what is all the fuss about? Also, I'd hate to think I was alienating women or being seen to be degrading them, because that's not how it is. But at the end of the day, it boils down to the music and that's whats important to me.

So, What does the future hold for Louise?
 Well, the tour starts soon, which I'm really nervous about and excited about at the same time, y'know? I think it's really important to give fans a good, entertaining show, so we're really working hard rehearsing for it. I've got a good choreographer and a live band as well.

Will you be doing any of the old Eternal tracks?
 I might be. I'm kinda working it out at the moment, doing the vocals and stuff. Easther was the lead and her range is higher than mine, but, y'know, I'm gonna try and do my own tribute to the girls.