"When I was younger I just wanted to perform - I was one of those really sad girls! I was never into boys - I didn't discover them until I was older! I did have my rebellious phases, though - I wasn't actually doing anything wrong, it was just coming home late and stuff like that. You still felt rebellious because your mum imagined you must have been doing something wrong! But I got on well with my mum and dad so I never had to rebel to prove a point - they always listened to me."

"I've got two brothers, aged six and nine and they're lovely. I'm really protective towards them. They don't say much about me being a pop singer - I think they're a bit embarassed! They come home and say, 'They've asked me for you autograph, I don't know what to say!' or, 'Oh no, you're not on the TV again, are you?!'"

"I was never a wild child! It's flattering when some one calls you a babe or something - it's a lot better than being called an ugly cow! - but it's not the most important thing in my life. I don't actually think people really look at you, it's just that when one person says you're this, other people believe it!"

"We are really good mates, but when the tabloids started saying we were going out together it put a lot of pressure on us. But we both know the system, so it hasn't affected us that much! I never speak to him about football, though - I speak to him about... shopping!"

"I've got a lot of guys who are friends so I can be quite laddish with them - I can go out with them and I don't have to be all girly which is nice. Yeah, my normal Saturday night would be to drink beer, fart and talk about football... nah! It would be interesting to be a guy for the day. I'd be able to go on a real lads' night out, and really drink beer - and it would be weird chatting girls up!"

"I'd say I'm a pretty straightforward person. I generally enjoy what I do and my career really is the most important thing. I don't try to be anything I'm not, and I don't think I've changed since I've been in this business - I think I'd be much the same person if I hadn't done this! I don't think there's anything about me that would surprise me... what you see is what you get!"