BBC Top Of The Pops

September 2003

 Laid-Back Louise

 TOTP: Welcome back to the world of pop! Your comeback song is a bit rockier than we're used to...

 Louise: Yeah! It's a little bit different for me as well. I've wanted to try and move in that direction for quite a while. It's a good pop song with a bit of an edge.

 TOTP: Have you got some terrible secrets awaiting discovery, like Pandora's Box?

 Louise: Oh there's a whole lot more going on than everybody realises [laughs]! I suppose in a way it's saying that there's more to a person than the one dimension that you read or hear about.

 TOTP: Is it hard to keep the other er, dimensions hidden from the public?

 Louise: I don't set out and try to present any kind of side. I don't really have an agenda. When it comes to my marriage, it's private in the way that we don't go out there and do all the big showbiz bashes together. And if we did it wouldn't be just for the sake of it. I don't mean to keep that side of life quiet but Jamie is quite shy and normal and is happy just getting on with playing football. I try to do what I do as professionally as possible and otherwise keep myself to myself.

 TOTP: Do you find yourself competing with other footballers' wives?

 Louise: Oh my god, no! I think we stepped out of that competition about five years ago. For many reasons. For one thing we're just not as interesting as some other couples. It's a personal and private choice. If we're talking to about Victoria and David, I think that all that attention was going to be there whether they wanted it or not. She was in one of the biggest pop bands in the world and he's the captain of England, they're gonna have intrusion into their lives no matter what. We've never been in such a high profile position.

 TOTP: You've been doing this now for ten years, how daunting is it to come back to a scene that already has its fair share of popstrels?

 Louise: Yeah it's hard. I'm coming back after two years with a very different sounding song. I've gone out on a limb here with loads of young gorgeous female stars doing fantastically, so who knows. I'm emigrating if I don't do well!

 TOTP: No way! Where will you go?

 Louise: As far away as possible! Really though, I love this record but I am so nervous about it. In ten years I have never been this nervous about a record, and I think I'm nervous because I like this song so much. And I think that when you're really into something, it's much more personal. I'm not greedy, I just want a nice healthy chart position!

 TOTP: What would you be happy with?

 Louise: I would love to get a nice Top 10 record.

 TOTP: It seems like you're not a pop star these days without a bit of edge. Would you say you're the edgy type?

 Louise: I don't think you should try to be anything you're not. I've never sat down and thought "Oh I want to make an edgy record." I've just had the liberty on this album to have more of a choice and make music that would sound great live. My music is still pop and I don't think that pop should be this totally one-dimensional music, and that's becoming less the case these days. A lot of people are finding their own little niche.

 TOTP: Is it easier to have control over what you do as you get on in your career?

 Louise: Oh definitely. You get older, and I wouldn't be pushed around by anybody. Maybe it'll go against me and I'll shoot myself in the foot. But I've definitely have had the overall say in what goes on in my career. It is my career after all.

 TOTP: Are you worried about Louise from Fame Academy accidentally stealing your thunder?

 Louise: No! If you start worrying about things like that you might as well give up now. I don't know what the papers are saying about Louise. She's out, but I'm sure she'll do great. If you start worrying about things like that, that you're not in the papers enough, or that someone with the same name as you is getting more attention then you're getting too cynical. For me this is about making a great record and getting it out there.

 TOTP: What do you make of the likes of Fame Academy and Pop Idol?

 Louise: I kind of sit on the fence about those shows which is a bit boring of me, I know. I do think it's a good opportunity for the people who are in it, because they are obviously very talented and deserve the chance. But I do think it's hard for a new act coming out at the same time as them because you can't compete with them on that level of TV exposure. So lots of new artists might get lost if they releasing at the same time. Also I think that the actual competitors lose a sense of what it really is about. When you've had 12 weeks on national TV and then you release a song, you expect an awful lot of that record.

 TOTP: Would you have ever auditioned for one of those shows?

 Louise: Hmm... I'd like to think I had the guts to go for it if I wasn't where I am now, but I'm not sure I would. I think I might be a bit of a coward.

 'Pandora's Kiss' is in the shops now.