TFI Friday

Interviewed by Chris Evans

Chris: Hello. How are you?

Louise: I'm great, how are you?

Chris: Welcome to the show, I'm fine. Well - you are beautiful aren't you, I've never seen you before in the flesh.

Louise: Oh God, thank you. I've never seen you in the flesh.

Chris: What do you think?

Louise: Very good - yeah.

Chris: I'm no David Beckham though, am I? I'm no Jamie Redknapp though, am I? And you'd know about that wouldn't you?

Louise: I would know about that.

Chris: One question for you: Redknapp or Beckham?

Louise: Redknapp.

Chris: You've got to say that haven't you. I know you're going out with Jamie, but that doesn't mean that you can't have the choice - would you go out on a date with him if he asked?

Louise: Absolutely not.

Chris: So you're quite happy with Jamie.

Louise: Yes.

Chris: Who's better: Louise or Eternal?

Louise: Oh no! That's hard.

Chris: Stop playing to the audience and answer the damned question.

Louise: No - that's harsh. We're both different.

Chris: Yeah - who's best?

Louise: It depends what at.

Chris: All right - singing?

Louise: There are three of them - we're completely different.

Chris: OK. What was the Eternal thing all about in the beginning - one white girl and three black girls - was that intentional?

Louise: No, not really. I was friends with Kelle and the other two were sisters, obviously. We met and got together.

Chris: How did you meet?

Louise: I was in a night club when I met Denis Ingoldsby who's my manager. He invited me down to the studio where Vernie and Easther were doing backing vocals for Alisha Warren. We all met and hung out for a year. In the beginning he didn't tell us that we were going to be in a group, we just hung out and did our own thing. Eventually we went to him and said that we wanted to be in a group.

Chris: So it wasn't intentional?

Louise: No. He was very clever.

Chris: It just happened. Was it always the intention for you to leave, to break away?

Louise: It never was, no. I never had it in my mind that I ever wanted to be a solo artist. Just towards the end, I felt that I needed that freedom, you know.

Chris: Does he do the hoovering?

Louise: Who?

Chris: Jamie.

Louise: Oh come on!

Chris: Have you ever seen him hoover - have you ever seen Jamie hoover?

Louise: No - never.

Chris: Have you ever seen him washing-up?

Louise: No.

Chris: Have you seen him in an apron?

Louise: No.

Chris: Have you ever seen him throwing-up?

Louise: No.

Chris: You must have. Are you going out with him - do you know him?

Louise: I do know him.

Chris: OK. So did you leave Eternal or did you get bumped out?

Louise: No - I left - it was purely my own decision.

Chris: Right. Would you fancy him as much if he wasn't a footballer?

Louise: Yes.

Chris: Honestly?

Louise: Yeah - I'm not into football.

Chris: Let me ask you this: where's the place you've seen him sweating most - on the football pitch or elsewhere?

Louise: Considering that I never watch football, I've never seen him sweat on a football pitch.

Chris: You're a smart alec aren't you! But you have seen him sweating elsewhere?

Louise: Of course.

Chris: Do you hoover?

Louise: Yeah - I hoover.

Chris: And do you live together?

Louise: I'm based in London - I have to stay here, I'm very busy.

Chris: But he's been and stayed at your house?

Louise: Oh come on Chris!

Chris: Has he or not?

Louise: Yeah.

Chris: It's 1997 - it's all right for boyfriend and girlfriends to…

Louise: I don't know if my mum knows though.

Chris: So he has stayed at your house?

Louise: Yes.

Chris: And are you engaged?

Louise: Yes. Anyway - I'm one of those people that thinks that everybody in life deserves to be happy and to follow their heart, and what is to be will be. But I'm really enjoying my music at the moment - I really am - I'm so enjoying my new album…

Chris: I'll ask you about you're music - let me ask you one more question about Jamie - just one more and that's it.

Louise: You want me to get you a signed shirt don't you?

Chris: No, no. Did he ask you or did you ask him?

Louise: Ask me what?

Chris: To marry you.

Louise: That'd be telling.

Chris: Tell me then.

Louise: After the show.

Chris: OK. I'll tell you next week viewers. When you were a little girl, did you go to a stage school?

Louise: I did.

Chris: What was it called?

Louise: Italia Conti.

Chris: Do you have to pay to go there?

Louise: Yeah - some people had to pay, I got a scholarship to go there.

Chris: How did you get your scholarship. What did you have to do?

Louise: I had to go for an audition and I had to say a poem.

Chris: What was the poem called?

Louise: I think it was called "Little Lamb".

Chris: "Little Lamb" from a little lamb.

Louise: Something like that, and I did a ballet class and a tap class.

Chris: Right, and were there a lot of young actors that went to that school?

Louise: Emily Lloyd.

Chris: She's famous.

Louise: Naomi Campbell.

Chris: She's famous - so it's a yes then?

Louise: Yes - very much so.

Chris: And were there a lot of Grange Hill stars at that school - who was in your class that we would know?

Louise: Rachel Roberts, who played Justine, she was in my class. Abigail Hart, who played Paula, she was in the year below me, and Martine McCutcheon - Tiffany in Eastenders.

Chris: OK. You've done all right - you must be one of the most famous people to come out of that place then.

Louise: I hope to be, one day.

Chris: You are already.

Louise: Oh, thank you.

Chris: So, what are you doing?

Louise: OK - is this my time to plug?

Chris: Yes, but first, what's worse for a girl: no sense of humour or facial hair?

Louise: Facial hair.

Chris: OK. You've got a sense of humour and no facial hair, so isn't it your lucky day! Go on, so when's your album out?

Louise: Album is out on October 6th, it's called "Woman In Me" and I go on tour on November 20th - I hop you're going to come along.

Chris: I'd love to - that'd be fantastic.

Louise: Oh, well, thank you.

Chris: Will you sing us a little bit of a song?

Louise: A little bit of a song.

Chris: Just a line, as a bit of a taster.

Louise: SINGS: "All around the world my love will always be the same." First line - there you go.

Chris: Nothing wrong with that.

Louise: Now you sing me a line.

Chris: Of what?

Louise: One of my songs.

Chris: I wouldn't do it justice! Moving on, in kissing, what's proper: boy's tongue girl's mouth or girl's tongue boy's mouth?

Louise: You what? - I'm lost.

Chris: When you're kissing, do you prefer your tongue in or his tongue in?

Louise: I'm confused - what do you mean?

Chris: Well, I could show you, but no, no. When you're making a tongue sandwich…

Louise: Oh, a tongue sandwich!

Chris: Do you provide the filling or does the boy provide the filling?

Louise: That's not something that I take notice of.

Chris: OK. I didn't understand the question either - somebody else wrote it and I just thought…

Louise: Yeah - whoever wrote that question.

Chris: I won't tell you who wrote that question. Now, is it true that you're joining Blur?

Louise: Oh! That rumour's got out!

Chris: So it's not true then?

Louise: No.

Chris: Seriously, though, are you going to do a duet with Damon - is that true?

Louise: It isn't true, but it's something I'd like to do.

Chris: It's a good idea - yes! Well, good luck with the tour, good luck with the song. Thanks for being on the show and give my love to Jamie.