Source: Smash Hits Magazine
Date: 16th December 1998
Heading: Music, Love and Looks.
Interviewer: Jordon Paramor


What's been your highlight of 1998?
The tour at the beginning of the year was a real highlight - I never realised touring would be such fun! Apart from that, I've not done a lot this year!
What about getting married?!
Hahaha! Oh yeah, I did get married! That was wonderful, a very special moment for me. And having my waxwork done at Madame Tussauds was wicked - I was really chuffed about that!

And you moved into a new flat...
Yeah, it's so nice to have somewhere at long last, and it's all coming together. I've bought a brilliant bright red sofa and a really weird rope chair so far.

Are you beginning to feel like the grandma of pop?
It's really weird, but I am starting to feel kind of like that, with all the young new groups coming out. I started out when I was 16, and I've been doing it for a good seven years now, so it does feel like I've been around forever.

Mel C has moved into the flat beneath yours - have you borrowed a cup of sugar yet?
No, but I have bumped into her in the lift. She's so sweet and chatty, so you never know, I may pop down.

Do you have a favourite footie chant from '98?
Not really, because I've only been to two games this year! I never get hassle when I do go, though - everyone's really nice to me, so I don't get any dodgy chants shouted at me.

You're known for wearing skimpy clothes - how are you going to keep warm this winter?
I only wear the skimpy clothes when I do photo shoots and stuff, so I'm going to wear a puff jacket and the biggest pair of snow boots I can find! I love wearing snow boots - I have no shame!

Do you have a message for your fans?
Thanks so much for voting for me! I'm sorry that I've been away for so long, but I won't be away too long. I'll be back! I'm just trying to make the best album yet!