Source: Smash Hits Magazine
Date: 14th - 27th February 1996
Heading: Love, Lust or Romance


How do you know when you're in love?
"When you get that feeling, like when you're really excited, and you take ages getting ready! When you just really fancy someone, I'm not sure if it's love, but you really get that lusty feeling."

What's the difference between love and lust?
"I think love is something that comes later on in a relationship, it's not something that immediately happens, it comes when you know a person inside, and you love everything about them. Lust is more of an initial thing."

Are you the faithful type?
[Firmly] "Very. Totally. I think if you're able to look elsewhere, then maybe you're not in the right relationship. You've got to be strong and determine what you want."

Have you ever had your heart broken?
Louise's little brother: [Who is standing next to Louise] "When you broke up with Eternal, you were!"

Louise: "That was different though, wasn't it? That wasn't to do with a boyfriend. We're still friends, so it's okay. I've never actually been in a situation where I've been heartbroken over a boy, but I'm sure I will one day. That's something to look forward to, eh?!"

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
"I flew over to Germany once to surprise someone. I walked into their hotel room and they were very surprised, ha ha ha!"