Sky Digital Magazine Date : August 2000


 We track down Louise as she comes round again with the release of a brand new album.

 You've had a two-year gap between singles - what have you been up to?

 I took a year out because i got married [to footballer Jamie Redknapp] and I just wanted to chill out and do ordinary things. Then I spent the rest of the time working on my new album Elbow Beach (released 31 July). I co-wrote the whole album bar two tracks, and one of those has been written by Betty Boo.

 Your current single is called 'Two Faced'. Did you write it with anyone in mind?

 It's not about anyone particular person, but the general negativity you can experience from certain groups. Being the subject of idle gossip really narks me. You've just got to be wary and work out the kind of people you should avoid.

 What would you be if you weren't a pop star?

 I'm really into photography. I do lots of photo shoots and, because I really enjoy knowing whats going on, I've picked up quite a lot. I don't have the time to concentrate on it right now but it's something I'd like to pursue in the future.