Source: BBC2 - The Ozone
Date: 25th March 1998
Heading: The Flying Lesson!
Interviewer: Jamie Theakston


Interview Dialogue:

Jamie: Now most men might think that an afternoon in a private plane with Louise would be be pure heaven, but not me. I hate flying, especially one of these, and nobody told me that she was going to be actually flying the thing - she hasn't even passed her driving test yet! I think I'll stay here...

[Clips of the "All That Matters" Video]

[Screen Shots of Louise Lifting Off]

Jamie: Flying! Why, Why, Why, Why!?? Are you mad!?

Louise: Do you know what? I used to hate flying, I used to get scared going on planes. First when I was going away when I was in a group, I used to get so nervous! It was kinda a little way of combatting that as well. If I learn what's going on up-front, I might feel a little bit better when I'm sitting in the back.

Jamie: Does your flying instructor know that you've failed your driving test twice?
Louise: [Pausing] Yeah! I failed 2 driving ones....and I failed 2 written ones, but each time, nobody believers me but, it wasn't really my fault!

Jamie: Are you telling me the truth?
Louise: Yes, no but is is so different, flying is a lot easier.

Jamie: Is it?
Louise: [Laughing] Yeah - there's less traffic around, you don't have to go round 'roundabouts' or 'reverse-park'...

Jamie: [Laughing] And nothing to crash into!

[Screen Shots of Louise Flying]

Jamie: Well, they are up there somewhere. The weather is not looking too good, which is a bit of a worry. Popstars and light aircraft don't get on you see!...No they will be all right.

[More Clips of the "All That Matters" Video]

Jamie: So tell us what you have been doing with yourself. I know that you've got a new single out.
Louise: Yeah, a new single out on the 23rd March, called "All That Matters".

Jamie: Is this the one? Is this one going to be the Number 1?
Louise: What this single?...Ummm....who knows. I would love it to be Number 1, but you never know. It depends on what else is out there!

[Final Screen Shots of Louise Landing]