Source: BBC2 - The Ozone
Date: September 1997
Heading: Louise has got her 
"Arms Around the World"
Interviewer: Jayne Middlemiss


Interview Dialogue:


[Clips of the "Arms Around The World" Video]

Jayne: So, I'm sitting in the Jacuzzi with the 'Goddess of Pop', quite frankly!
Louise: Gosh! That's very nice.

Jayne: But you've been everywhere at the minute.
Louise: Yeah at the minute!

Jayne: What's it like with all that Media attention?
Louise: It's nice because that for me is a sign that I will have a single coming out soon and an album out soon. All that hard work that I've done in the last 9 months is now coming to the forefront and people will begin to hear what I've been doing.

[More Clips of the "Arms Around The World" Video]

Jayne: Do you get very nervous before a new single is released?
Louise: Very, Yeah! Especially if there has been a big it has been 9 months so this will be my first single for ages. I still get the nerves fom the Eternal thing, because I suppose I feel like that I've a lot to live up to.

[Clips of the Eternal's "Stay" Video]

Jayne: Going back to the single...
Louise: Yeah.

Jayne: Tell me a little more about it.
Louise: It's about, 'No Matter where in the world you are, there is someone close to you, or somebody who you love, and that yours Arms will always reach Around the World!'

[More Clips of the "Arms Around The World" Video]

Jayne: The video (of Arms Around The World) has quite strong images. Why did you decide to go for that?
Louise: I just wanted to do something that I felt that I haven't done before, and that kind of aspect of the video with the contact lenses is something that I haven't done before. It wasn't all down to me trying to look like me and people trying to make me look like this and that.

Jayne: You are starting your first solo Tour. How do you feel?
Louise: Every week I feel a bit more nervous. The more that I just go to band rehersals and practising vocals, and auditioning dancers and then I realise that it's just around the corner.

Jayne: Tell us more of the process of chosing your dancers.
Louise: I had the auditions, I had auditions in Glasgow, Manchester and London. All in all I saw just over one thousand dancers so I....I just needed six!!

Jayne: With the Tour what is it going to be like?
Louise: There's going to be stuff from the new album, stuff from the old album, and maybe some old Eternal songs....if I remember the words, but I'm going to try!!

[Clips of the Eternal's "Oh Baby I" Video]

Jayne: So do you like football?
Louise: Do I like football. No I don't!

Jayne: Are you engaged?
Louise: [Laughter] I truely believe that everybody in life should meet someone and marry someday!

Jayne: I don't understand, is that a 'Yes' or a 'No'!?
Louise: [Pausing] I am very happily...."involved"!!

Jayne: Is it with Jamie (Redknapp)?
Louise: Yes.

Jayne: Hooray! - It's official!!