One Tel

15 September 2003


 It's hard to believe, when you look at her smooth, lineless skin, that Louise has been a chart-topping pop star for the past ten years.

 In October 1993, she and the girls from Eternal made their first mark on the charts with Stay and went on to become the most influential girlband of the 90s, even inspiring the Spice Girls.

 However, after just a year, with Eternal still going strong, Louise stunned fans by announcing her departure from the group and embarked on a solo career.

 First up was the smoochy Light Of My Life, which established the beauty as something of a sultry diva. This was swiftly followed by a string of massive Top 20 hits like Undivided Love, One Kiss From Heaven, Arms Around The World, Naked and Beautiful Inside plus four massive-selling albums. Not bad, eh?

 In 2001, after a tour of the UK, Louise ducked out of the limelight, and set to work producing some new material with dance bod Brian Rawling for his label Metrophonic. Sadly, the company folded before Louise got a chance to release a thing.

 Thankfully, our Lou isn't the kinda gal to let a setback like that stand in her way. No sirree! And September 15 - almost ten years to the day since she first appeared on the charts - Louise is back with a gutsy new single called Pandora's Kiss.