Date : November 2001

 For the benefit of those who think she's a ditsy football wife, Louise, who's married to soccer star Jamie Redknapp, explains the offside rule

 Asking for it

 Does Jamie wear your knickers?

 Jamie wouldn't fit into them. He definitely wouldn't want to wear my knickers. I don't think he'd be into Marks & Spencer briefs.

 Would you let him have a mohican, like David Beckham?

 I'd never say that he can't have something. That would be wrong of me, but it wouldn't suit him so don't go giving him ideas. If he did, I'd probably laugh.

 Do you mind that Jamie has become a gay icon?

 No, good for him. I don't think he minds at all. Whether you're gay or straight, finding somebody attractive is still the same.

 Do you mind being seen in public or photographed without your make-up on?

 No. I only wear make-up for work or for TV and then I pile it on. I need it. But I happily go out on the streets, even on a bad hair day, with no make-up on.

 What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten or drunk?

 I've been offered some weird things - like sheep's eyes in China, a couple of years ago. But I'd never eat any of it. I'm vegetarian, so I'm not going to start with animals' eyes, am I?

 What ring tone is on your mobile phone?
It's just a normal ring. It'd drive me mad to have a song on it.

 Are you a man's woman or a girl's girl?

 I'm definitely a girl's girl. If I'm in a nightclub and there's a group of guys and a group of girls that I know, I feel much more comfortable in the girls' crowd.

 Who do you think should really replace Richard and Judy on This Morning?

 Me and Jamie - no, only joking! We'd probably drive each other mad, sniping at each other and saying things like: 'What did you ever say that for?' No, it definitely wouldn't be good for us. Yet.

 What do you miss most about home when you're on holiday?

 A decent cup of tea. I'm excellent at making it. People always say: 'Make us a cuppa, Lou.' I use PG Tips Pyramids if I can get them. When you drink it as much as I do, you know how it should taste and it tastes best over here.

 What are the best/worst things about being a footballer's wife?

 Jamie loves what he does. That's good for our home life because it means he's happy. The worse thing is, I miss him when he goes away on football tours.

 Explain the offside rule.

 It's when the opposition has to be in front of the player who's about to receive the ball and take it forward. I get asked that most days, So that's how I know. [Not strictly true, but you're halfway there, Louise!]

 What's the most romantic thing that Jamie's ever done?

 He bought me my bulldog Winston for my birthday two years ago. He snores really loudly and smells when he's wet - Winston, not Jamie - but he's amazing. Both of them are.

 Do you and Jamie fight over who does the washing-up?

 We have a dishwasher, so we don't argue, but he isn't terribly tidy. In fact, he's very, very untidy.

 Have you ever used you're celebrity status to get something?

 Now and again to get a table at a restaurant. I phone up and put on another voice when I book. I don't let them know it's me in case they can't fit us in or, God forbid, they don't like us. But I don't do it that often because it's embarrassing.

 What's your biggest indulgence?

 I love shopping with my friends. My favourite stuff changes all the time, but I like a bit of designer and a bit of high street. Most of all, I just love seeing what's out there.

 What's your pet hate?

 Rude people are the worst. I don't thing there's any reason to be rude.

 If you were on Death Row, what would you request for your last meal?

 Assuming they let me out for dinner, it'd be Thai food at Asia de Cuba in the St Martin's Lane Hotel in London - with Jamie. They do a gorgeous vegetarian corn and noodles.

 Louise begins her UK tour Changing Faces on 28 January 2002