Q: Would you let him have a mohican, like David Beckham?
A: I'd never say he can't have soomething. That would be wrong of me, but it wouldn't suit him so don't go giving him ideas. If he did, I'd probably laugh.

Q: Do you mind that Jamie has become a gay icon?
A: No, good for him. I don' think he minds at all. Whether you're gay or straight, finding somebody attractive is still the same.

Q:Do you mind being seen in public or photographed without your make-up on?
A: No. I only wear make-up for work or for TV and then I pile it on. I need it. But I happily go out on the streets, even on a bad hair day, with no make-up on.

Q: What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten or drunk?
A: I've been offered some weird things - like sheep's eyes in China, a couple of years ago. But I'd never eat any of it. I'm a vegetarian, so I'm not going to start with animal's eyes, am I?

Q: What ring tone is on your mobile phone?
A: It's just a normal ring. It'd drive me mad to have a song on it.

Q: Are you a man's woman or a girl's girl?
A: I'm definitely a girl's girl. If I'm ina nightclub and there's a group of girls that I know, I feel much more comfortable in the girls' crowd.

Q: Who do you think should replace Richard and Judy on This Morning?
A: Me and Jamie - no, only joking! We'd probably drive each other mad, sniping at each other and saying things like : "What did you say that for?" No, it definitely wouldn't be good for us. Yet.

Q: What do you miss most about home when you're on holiday?
A: A decent cup of tea. I'm excellent at it. People always say: "Make us a cuppa, Lou". I use PG Tips Pyramids if I can get them. When you drink it as much as I do, you know how it should taste, and it tastes best over here.

Q: What are the best/worst things about being a footballer's wife?
A: Jamie loves what he does. That's good for our homelife because it means he's happy. The worst thing is, I miss him when he goes away on football tours.

Q: Explain the offside rule.
A: It's when the opposition has to be in front of the player who's about to recieve the ball and take it forward. I get asked that most days, so that's how I know. [Not strictly true, but you're halfway there, Louise!]

Q: What's the most romantic thing Jamie's ever done?
A: He bought me my bulldog Winston for my birthday 2 years ago. He snores really loudly and smells when he's wet - Winston, not Jamie - but he's amazing. Both of them are.

Q: Do you and Jamie fight over the washing-up?
A: We have a dishwasher, so we don't argue, but he isn't terribly tidy. In fact, he's very, very untidy.

Q: Have you ever used your celebrity status to get you something?
A: Now and again to get a table at a resturant. I phone up and put on another voice when I book. I don't let them know it's me in case they can't fit us in or, God forbid, they don't like us. But I don't do it very often 
because it's embarrassing.

Q: What's your bigest indulgence?
A: I love shopping with my friends. My favourite stuff changes all the time, but I like a bit of designer and a bit of high street. Most of all, I just love seeing what's out there.

Q: What's your pet hate?
A: Rude people are the worst. I don't think there's any reason to be rude.

Q: If you were on Death Row, what would you request for your last meal?
A: Assuming they let me out for dinner, it'd be Thai food at Asia de Cuba in the St Martin's Lane Hotel in London - with Jamie. They do a gorgeous vegetarian corn and noodles.