New Woman

September 2001


 She waved ta-ra to Eternal to find solo success and true love with Jamie. So why does Louise want to get marooned with another man?

 Louise the popstar, TV presenter, footballer's wife... Mrs Redknapp's done a lot for someone who's only 27 - and she hasn't finished yet! The girl who joined pop group Eternal at 16, went solo at 20 and got wed at 23, has a new single out, a greatest hits album to follow, and the possibility of some more TV work after her six-week stint on SMTV. Tess Morris caught up with Louise to have a word about rumours of another 'man'.

 So now you're busy promoting your album, where does Jamie fit in?

 Well, the football season's started again, so we're both really busy but we never go more than a week without seeing each other. It means travelling between London and Liverpool a lot, but it's worth it!

 And what's all this about another man stealing your affections?

 Oh yes, our dog Winston. He's a British bulldog and he's so handsome. In fact, he's on a diet at the moment. He's been staying at my mum's, being treated like a king, so he's got to get fit and shed some pounds.

 So when you're not singing or being a telly presenter, what do you like to do?

 Ooh, I love Friends! And I love food. Jamie always watches sport so I sneak off into the other room to put Friends on. They all look a bit too groomed now but I love Phoebe - she really makes me laugh.

 Are you a stay-at-home girl then?

 I never got dressed up unless I have to. At home I just slouch around in my tracksuit bottoms or jeans. They're my staple wardrobe. I only go glam when I'm properly going out and even then I can't wait to get back into my comfy clothes!

 And when you do go out for a night on the tiles, where do you head off to?

 Not to busy clubs. I like a nice bar with good music and lovely people.

 Do you worry about what people say about you?

 Nah. I can't be bothered with worrying about what I do or look like all the time. When I saw those holiday photos of Jamie and me (in Sardinia, which appeared on the front of a few tabloids) I was more shocked than annoyed. They could've told me - I'd have held my stomach in!

 What about celeb mates?

 I don't have any really. Michelle Gayle and I are really close but that's about it. All my mates are the ones I've known for years.

 Who's your idol?

 Madonna. She's amazing. I always get nervous when I release a new single but it's people like her that give me the inspiration to keep going.

 And finally, what five items would you take to a desert island?

 My mobile phone. The charger. Sun block. Erm, a good book. And of course Jamie. Aargh, can I have one more?

 Go on then.

 Can I take Winston too?

 Louise's single Stuck In The Middle With You is out on 27th August. Changing Faces (The Best Of Louise) is out on 10th September.