Hey - Long Time No Speak!
 How are you? I've grabbed a quick break between interviews to sit down and write you my news cos there's plenty going on. So why don't you grab yourself a cuppa and come and join me.
A Very Busy Girl
 So I guess you wanna know what I've been upto lately...well, it may have seemed quiet to you, but I can promise you I haven't stood still since the Christmas break! After the last date on my tour at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on 18th December, I was absolutely exhausted so it was great to get a couple of weeks off to relax, enjoy myself and spend some time with my family and friends over Christmas. While we're on the subject of my tour, can I just say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to one of the shows. I really hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Then it was straight back to work! My feet have barely touched the ground this year as I've been whisked around Europe doing loads of interviews and promotion for the Woman In Me album. I've been to France, Holland, Italy, Belgium and Spain, with visits to Sweden and Germany to come. I've had a fantastic time and seen some amazing and beautiful places, but it's still SO nice to come back to the UK and sleep in my own bed!
All That Matters
 Well, as you probably know by now, my new single will be All That Matters and its released on March 23rd on two CDs and a cassette. Its a slightly different version to the one on my album, Woman In Me - we've played around with the sound to make it sound even better on the radio. I challenge you NOT to sing along! Once again, I've had some clever DJ-types such as DJ Tonka, Cas Roc, Hex Hector, The Almighty and Hyper Go Go doing the remixes and guess what? I've had ANOTHER club chart #1 record! The pick of these remixes can be found on CD2 of the singles and for the first time ever (for me anyway!), I'll be releasing a 12" single, out on March 30th, for all of you budding DJ's out there. For CD1, we've put together a fabby collectors package with 3 free postcards and version of When Will My Heart Beat Again and Woman In Me which I recorded live in session for the Mark Goodier show on Radio 1. To add that little extra something, I've also recorded a special message which you can put onto your answer phone so it seems like I've been round for a visit - just in time for April Fool's day, eh? maybe you can write and let me know if you managed to catch any of your friends out!
Video Shoot
 All the pictures on the sleeves were taken on the set of the video shoot for All That Matters. I hope you like the video - its all been shot in black & white and has a cool circus vibe. Some of the costumes and props were fantastic - if you haven't seen it, check out MTV or the ITV Chart Show. Can I let you into a little secret? Although it looks like it was filmed outdoors in the desert, we made the whole thing in a studio in London. Amazing what you can do with cameras, isn't it!
Louise Online!
 Guess who's about to go "online"? Probably the most exciting thing going on at the moment is the creation of the official Louise website - http://louise.uk.com. Even as I write, there are people beavering away on their computers putting together what I think will be one of the brightest, most exciting sites on the Internet. There'll be full discography, complete with music and video clips; a diary, so you'll know what I'm up to; biography; a special Louise screensaver; regular updates of my news and of course tons and tons of exclusive pictures. I've had a sneak preview and it's already looking pretty groovy. I only hope it'll be ready in time for its launch on Radio 1 on the day of the release of All That Matters! Make sure you're listening in 'cos there's gonna be a fantastic competition to kick it all off. We're giving away a wonderful prize but that's staying secret for now! Take care and visit me at my website soon!
All my love, Lou