Hiya Guys!
 Well, its been a hectic couple of months since I last sat down to write you my news. My life's been a non-stop whirl of photoshoots, TV performances and interviews and I've got so much to tell you! Busy as I've been, it hasn't all seemed like work. Last month, I got the chance to fly out to Marrakech in Morocco to do a photoshoot for FHM magazine. The weather was beautiful - scorching hot sunshine. Unfortunately, I didn't really get much time for sunbathing. Another highlight was performing on the National lottery - it was a dead exciting show to be on and no, I didn't win anything that night! Never mind, I've been on a bit of a shopping spree anyway to find some glam outfits for all my TV appearances - that was great fun!
Arms Around The World
 Hopefully you'll have heard my new single by now. It's called 'Arms Around The World' and it's in the shops now. For the B-sides, I've recorded some exclusive songs that won't be on my new album and some friends of mine have done some top dance remixes. Fingers crossed - and with your help - it should be a huge hit! Next up will be my brand new album, 'Woman In Me' which is released on the 6th October, 1997. I chose the title 'cos I think I've grown up a bit since I made 'Naked' - I've even helped write some of the songs! From the stack I recorded, I've picked my 16 favorites and there's a little bit of everything on there. Plenty of pop, smoochy ballads, some funky grooves - I've even done a calypso tune! To Top it all off, I've recorded a version of a real old disco favorite of mine, 'Let's Go Round Again' (ask your mum!) - it may even be my next single. 
Tour Update
 I'm starting to get really excited about my first ever solo tour! It starts in Sheffield on 20th November and I'm told all the tickets are selling out fast. In fact, we've added another couple of dates so more of you will get the chance to come along and join the fun! Have a look at the back page for details. It's going to be a fantastic show - especially now I've found some fabulous new backing dancers!! As I mentioned in my last note to you, we held auditions at the end of August in Glasgow, Manchester and London. Well, I was just amazed - over 2000 of you turned up and you were all brilliant. A big THANKS to everyone who popped down. It was a shame we only got to choose 4, I wish I could have hired you all!!! Even if you were unlucky in the auditions, I hope to see you getting on down at one of the concerts. Speaking of which, I'd better get back to rehearsals - you wouldn't believe how much preparations there is to do!
Take care and see you soon, All my love, Lou