Hi, How ya doin'?
 Bet you think that I've spent the last 6 months in the sunshine enjoying myself, getting up to no good, don't you ? Well, actually nothing could be further from the truth (well, tell a lie, I've actually been away once! More about that later!). I've actually been really really BUSY! And I thought I would let you be the first to share my thoughts on what's been going on, so welcome to the first edition of my newsletter! Packed full of new, exclusive pictures and loads of interesting news, I hope you enjoy reading it (it took me ages to write!). As you know I've had a whirlwind couple of years. Since leaving Eternal it's been non-stop hard work, but I've really enjoyed myself. The highlights for me have to be the release of my first solo single, Light of My Life, my first top ten hit - can you believe that was nearly two years ago now! - and then my first solo album release last summer. Thanks to you, Naked has now sold over 400,000 copies in the UK! And thanks to you I got nominated for a Brit this year. Come to think of it I've got loads to thank you for, so THANKS! Anyway, you know a lot about what I've done in the past, so this newsletter will tell you a little bit about what I've been doing whilst I've been away and what I'm going to be doing in the future!
My new album
 Guess What! I've just finished recording my new album! We've spent over a year working on it - we started as we released Naked last year (work never stops!). And I'll let you into a little secret - it's gonna be brilliant! We are going to release it in October, with a single in September. To be honest, after a little rest after Christmas I was straight back in the studio, working with all my old mates again. I've been working with lots of different people, including Simon Climie, and Jonny Douglas, who is George Michael's producer. I've also been doing a lot of writing, and I'm really pleased that some of my songs will be on the album! It's got a mixture of all sorts of songs on there, so I'm sure you're gonna love it! Anyway, as you can see from the pictures, it was great fun in the studio. it was mainly recorded in London, and has been mixed in the UK and America. We've spent a lot of time on it to get it just right. And I can let you into a little secret. My new single is called Arms Around The World, and it's one of my favorite songs from my new album.
My first ever solo tour.
 Wow, I'm really really looking forward to my first ever UK tour! As some of you might know, we announced the tour dates back in April, and since then they've been selling like hot cakes! Make sure you don't miss out! I'm on tour throughout the whole of November. I'm already spending more and more time in the gym trying to get fit, ready for the shows! By December I'll be able to run faster than Jamie! And guess what, I'm rehearsing for 2 whole weeks beforehand at a secret location, in October! So for me, it's more like a two month tour! As you may already know, we are looking for dancers to join me on stage during the tour. We are holding auditions in Glasgow, Manchester and London on August 28th and 29th. To qualify, you must be over 16, check your local press nearer the time to find out the secret locations and, see you there! Good luck. We are making a really big show for you, it's going to be very special for me, it would be great to see you there.
Take care and I'll see you all soon. Love Lou