Live & Kicking , March 1996
Louise Answer please.

Does Louise fancy Brad Pitt ? Can she give Princess Di any advice? And how does she eat a doughnut?!

The last time I went out to dinner was.
 Last Saturday, when a big group of us all went out to this really nice French restaurant. We didn't get there 'til 10, so it ended up being a pretty late one!

The best day of the week for telly is.
 Any night when there's loads of comedy on. I love things like French And Saunders and One Foot In The Grave. Oh, and EastEnders nights are always good. Wednesdays were brilliant when you had Hollywood Men, ER and then Friends all in a row.

The last time I went to the dentist was.
 A couple of months ago. I had to have my wisdom teeth out and it was really painful. My whole face looked really puffy and the antibiotics made me sick.

The first time I ever wore make-up was.
 When I was younger and used to do the odd commercial. I didn't start wearing make-up regularly until quit late on.

Love is.
 A lot of different things! It's very special.

My best friend is.
 Sophie, who I've been friends with since school. I know that we'll always be special friends, even though we don't see each other that often as she works abroad a lot as a dancer.

The last time I stayed up all night was.
 A couple of weeks ago when we went out to a club and then went for breakfast and ended up sleeping all day Sunday. It really messed up my body clock - I couldn't sleep at all on Sunday night and was completely wrecked on Monday morning when I had to go to work. I don't do that very often.

The best way to eat a doughnut is.
 Well, because I like having a little bit of jam with all of it, I find the jam first and then nibble around it.

The best advice I'd give Princess Di is.
 Go girl! Di's great! She's following her heart. Going for gold!

The coolest person in the world is.
 Stevie Wonder. He's my idol and I had the chance to meet him once, but I missed it because I got stuck in traffic. He was doing a really exclusive show at Ronnie Scott's jazz club. I was gutted!

The last time I caught the bus was.
 Quite a while ago, actually - probably the last time I was shopping on Oxford Street, maybe two months ago.

The best thing about Brad Pitt is..
 His eyes. Brad Pitt has really sparkly eyes. He's an attractive guy, but I wouldn't say he's my favourite or anything like that. There aren't really any film hunks I drool over.

If my name wasn't Louise, I'd like to be called.
 Something really unusual. You know, a really stupid name. Something like Tallulah would be excellent, although it wouldn't really suit me. Louise is such a normal name.

If I could be somewhere else right now, I'd be.
 In St Lucia, basking in the sun.