"The name on the credit card may have changed but Louise still takes the GQ Service To Mankind award for miraculously appearing way out of our league yet still down to earth."

"I'm delighted that I'm so popular with GQ readers. I see these beautiful models in the magazine and think it's weird that I'm up there with them on the cover. I come from a very normal background, a very normal life. Born in Lewishaw, dad's a builder, mum's a housewife and I think people can see that. I'm not unreachable - maybe that's the reason I'm popular. What else can I say? I've got a brilliant make-up artist, haha!" 
"What was the first thing I ever won? A school competition for poetry and prose. I was bottom in every subject and no one could work me out because I loved reading and writing poetry. I did a recital at Lewishaw Town Hall, you know." 
"Things have changed dramatically for me over the last year. I've had the best of times - getting married, selling records - but it's been hard because I want more out of life nowadays. I was quite happy just going along with things before, right down to the making of the music. We made the 'Naked album in three months - it was processed, very quick, very pop industry. That was fine for me at the time, but I couldn't do it again. I want to go and make an album next time. I need to go one way or another. I'm not 18 or 19 any more - I'm not saying I want to move away from making pop music - I'm not Aretha Franklin and I'm not Liam Gallagher y'know, but I want to make a record with a bit more... you know, depth to it." 
"As for getting married, I'm still at the stage when I'm not sure what to call myself. I've changed the name on my passport and my credit cards, but I don't feel particularly wifey. But at least I know that whatever happens in my career, I've got that. It's the most important thing to me." 
"We haven't really had a problem with being thought of as a celebrity couple. You can always keep your privacy, you just have to be careful. Even though everybody knows I'm married and who I'm married to, you don't see us in the papers everyday. I can walk down the street, no problem - it depends where you go and at what time of the day. But then I don't wander round in a dress like this and high heels. It's weird; sometimes if you go out and don't get stopped you can start worrying whether your time has come and gone. It better not happen to me, 'cos I'm not good at anything else."