July 2000 Go2 Birmingham

TWO years ago she was Louise Nurding with two hit albums and a handful of top ten singles under her belt. Then it all went quiet - but now she’s back, older, wiser and with a new surname. I just decided I needed to take time off and chill out a bit, says 25-year-old Mrs Redknapp, wife of Liverpool soccer star Jamie. 
That’s right, she got married, had her honeymoon in the Bermudan paradise of Elbow Beach, and settled down to domestic bliss. 
But she couldn’t stay out of the limelight for long and was soon back writing songs for a new album, ‘Elbow Beach’. 
The subject matter on the record seems to be more personal, with even the name of the album a reference to her honeymoon hideaway. 
If I’m going to bare my soul I prefer to do it in a song than in an interview, she admits. That way I know I’m in control of what people hear. 
This record is more mature and opinionated, lyrically stronger and musically edgier. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but it has also been the most rewarding. 
I spent almost a year with a great team of people creating the album from scratch. 
It’s been the most fulfilling experience of my life and, unlike my other records, this one truly represents me. I think it will give people a very accurate idea of who I am away from those airbrushed photographs.
Oh yes, about those photographs... Louise is a regular on the covers of the ‘Lads Mags’ and is usually in the top ten lists of ‘The Sexiest Female Ever’. 
But while she’s been away -her previous release was ‘All That Matters’ in April 1998 -her status of bright young thing on the music scene has been challenged by an explosion of teenagers invading the charts. 
How does she feel about Britney, Christina, Mandy, Jessica etc? 
Like a golden oldie, she laughs. But it’s nice to know more about the business and understand the politics involved - and also to know not take things personally.
It's easy to get the impression that Louise, whose comeback single is entitled 2 Faced, may now have other priorities ahead of aiming for number one in the charts. 
I do like to spend time at home, she admits. I’m not going to let the work control my life. The thing is, I make music because I enjoy it. Yes, it’s work but in a fun sense.
So what happens when she goes out on tour and Jamie is left to fend for himself? 
You can make the schedule work for you, she asserts. Even in Europe you’re never further than a couple of hours away from the UK. I always make sure there are times when I can get back home.
And talking of live shows, Louise says she’s looking forward to appearing at BRMB’s Party in the Park at Alexander Stadium on August 28. 
I always love playing Birmingham. Everyone’s always so good to me!