Fully Booked

Interviewed by Sarah Vandenburgh

Sarah: I'm in this very groovy cafe in Central London, and the reason that I'm here is not for the food - it is because I'm going to meet pop sensation, all round gorgeous babe, Louise.

---Please welcome Louise---

Sarah: O.K. Welcome Louise, once again, now, as I was saying a bit earlier, you recently went to Australia - did you enjoy it?

Louise: I loved it - every time, because it was so sunny and gorgeous, I used to say to my record company "Oh, can we do the interviews outside?" There'd be the poor journalist sweating, and I'd be there in my shorts and T-shirt going "Yeah, well, my first single came out," like, trying to answer questions.

Sarah: Well, it's a good way to get a tan when you live here isn't it?

Louise: Yeah, exactly, the only way I could get one was by doing the interviews outside in the park.


Louise: My singing coach makes me bark "woof, woof, woof," because apparently it strengthens your stomach - I don't know, but I know I walk around the house hoovering "woof, woof, woof." I don't know what my next door neighbour thinks I'm doing.

Sarah: Yes - I wouldn't tell many people that, no.


Louise: It's just my one little thing that I try to do that makes me feel better in society. I saw a program, and it was the most repulsive program - I just couldn't believe the way these animals were treated. It was just the transporting of them all, and everything, and I just thought, you know, I can really do without eating that little leg of lamb, I can really do without it in my diet, so I just stopped and haven't eaten meat since - just that one night, it was really strange.


Louise: Everybody gets up one day, and you know, the last thing you want to do is put make-up on and try and feel nice - you just want to slob out. Other days you can't wait - it's Saturday night and you're going out, and you spend like three hours getting ready with your mates because the best part of going out is the getting ready bit before.

Sarah: Yeah.


Louise: I can not throw them away. I feel so bad throwing them away. I always say to my mum "Mum, do you want this?" and she'll go "What would I want to go wearing that for?" so I say "Yeah, but I don't want to throw it away - I'd feel really bad." If I take it into Oxfam, they're going to look at me, like, "Oh no!"

Sarah: Because you're a bit of a shopper aren't you?

Louise: I love to shop. I sometimes think, maybe I should, you know, back off a little bit, because you know you can get too involved in, like, clothes and that, and I don't want to get too like that, you know, where clothes are like the number one thing. I just enjoy going out with my mates looking round the shops - it's a nice pass time because we get to spend time together and see what's going on on the streets.


Louise: New album comes out in October and I go on tour in November, so…

Sarah: You're trying to keep the prices of the tickets down so that everyone can enjoy it whether they're young or old.

Louise: Yeah, whatever.

Sarah: That's great - it's all over the country, twenty-two dates, is that right?

Louise: Twenty-two dates, and that's without Ireland.

Sarah: Oh great. Now tell us a little secret just before you go. On your next album are there going to be any surprises? Are you going to do ballads or…

Louise: The next album is going to be slightly different - a bit funkier, lots of ballads, lots of up-tempo.

Sarah: Oh, well, brilliant. Lots of luck with the tour and the album, and I hope to se you soon.

Louise: Thank you.