Source: ITV - The Disney Club
Date: 29th March 1998


Interview Dialogue:

Part 1

Hosts: So the first question that I am eager to ask you Louise is, How's Jamie?
Louise: [Laughter and Giggles!] Oh, he's fine!

Hosts: What could you never do without, or have you got a luck charm or something?
Louise: The one thing that goes everywhere with me is really kind's, well pathetical, but it has to be my mobile phone! Because I travel so much and often on the road, it's the one way to contact everyone back home! So that's always in my pocket...

Hosts: And you want to look stylish as well!!?
Louise: ...Mind you its not that stylish looking, but it's important!!

Hosts: I bet it is. You know you dress really well on stage and when you do your video's, do you actually pick the clothes yourself?
Louise: Yeah most of the time I do, what normally happens is...depending on what it is and what I am doing, a stylist comes along with a mixture of different things and I kinda then choose one.

Hosts: What sort of image do you usually go for?
Louise: It really depends on what I am doing, I am one of these kind of people that enjoys having fun with clothes, so when I am doing so, such as when I performed "Naked" on stage, the song, it was the case of going out there and creating a "Not something I would wear in the streets feel"...

Hosts: ...Like mix and match!
Louise: Yeah! And when I do something like an interview, I am just pretty much it really depends on the performance and what the song is about.


Part 2

Hosts: We've got loads of questions to ask you so lets get when did you start singing then Louise?
Louise: The first time I started singing, well professionally, it was in "Eternal", but before that I used to sing in the school choir and the church choir...

Hosts: Oh, the church choir, yeah!
Louise: Yeah I grew up singing was a great base!

Hosts: You had an opportunity to sing in a musical, would you take it up as a career?
Louise: No, I am concentrating on music and records, maybe one day but theatre is not where I want to go really. I prefer films!

Hosts: We heard something about you taking flying lessons. That must have been great fun?
Louise: Yeah it was, it was quite hard and it's quite scary, I've only taken a few lessons though, but I'm enjoying it!

Hosts: So you've not scared of heights then?
Louise: That's why I decided to do it. I am quite nervous to go on planes, so to combat that I decided to learn a little bit about might help me out!

Hosts: You went on tour recently, what was that like?
Louise: It was brilliant! It was the only proper tour I've done so it was good fun. The audiences were brilliant and really supportive. I really like to go on tour again, maybe at the end of the year, as I had such a great time.

Hosts: You were supported by Cleopatra weren't you?
Louise: Yeah Cleopatra that's right. They were excellent...I loved them...Yeah they did really well!

Hosts: Now we've been debating this for hours on end, but which football team do you support?
Louise: Do you know what, I don't really like football!

Hosts: Oh come on!!
Louise: No I swear! If I had to choose a team then it would have to be Liverpool, but I don't support football!!

Hosts: Ohhh!! We have to convert you to Arsenal.
Louise: I like Arsenal too!!

Hosts: [Cheers] There you go, you heard it here first.
Louise: But I am not a big football fan...sorry's's not girlly!

Hosts: So what's your biggest fan?
Louise: There's a couple of girsl that turn up everywhere I go, so we've almost become friends now. When I was on tour, they used to come and watch the rehersals.

Hosts: So what's it like having fans that follow you everywhere, go to your gigs and stuff like that?
Louise: It's nice, you become very grateful, they are very honest about it and they give honest gives you a little bit of confidence.

Hosts: You're been singing for ages and have been doing loads of different things, so what has been the highest point of your career so far?
Louise: It must be playing Wembley Arena! It was nice and it was always what I wanted to do, going out there with a live band and doing a big live show...that has been the highlight so far!!

Hosts: So you've just released a single called, "All That Matters", but why choose that one?
Louise: Well I wanted to do something different from the last two singles which were, "Arms Around The World" and "Lets Go Round Again", which were very upbeat and songs of different styles. Again, this song is different from the last two. I like to change and create something different each time I released a single and see what comes outs and see what happens!

[A Minute or so Clip of the "All That Matters" Video]

Hosts: That was a very cool video, but where was it done?
Louise: It was filmed here in London, and was meant to look like Arizona, or something, about 50 years ago.

Hosts: So were they real circus people?
Louise: Yeah they were, they were brilliant to watch and they made my day!

Hosts: Yeah they were! Anyway Louise you've been great fun to talk too. Thanks for coming on to the show.
Louise: Thank you.