On Sub-club.com site on 25.7.2001. Few fans, Louise and famous Ant And Dec were chatting for an hour. Here is the transcript!

[slavenhr -> Louise] Hi Louise!!!
[lawza] if u were stuck on an iland with ant dec cat and richie from 5 who would u eat 1st?
[Louise] I'd eat Richie first!!!
[Louise] Hello!
[slavenhr -> Louise] How are you?
[lawza] louise u no giles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaaa! hes m***ol!
[Louise] I am now a member of the Giles fan club!
[Louise] yes!
[Sub-Club] And L2K1 has asked if you had super powers, what would be the first thing you would change in the world and why?
[Louise] It would have to something worthwhile, like stopping famine.
[slavenhr ] I saw photos of your new video it looks great!
[Sub-Club] I have just been reading about some of the summer jobs that pop stars have done (H from steps was a red coat, hmmm, Bradley from S club worked in a fast food restaurant and Tina from S club sold pants) - have you ever done anything like that, what did you do before you were famous?
[freddieb] when can we win some louise merchandise?
[Sub-Club] in a minute
[Louise] Do you know what, at the age of 15 - I started in Eternal. So at the age of 16 I was working full time in the music business. And I know how lucky I am to be able to say this. I've always helped my Mum and Dad though - cleaning and on the building site.
[erin] have you ever been star struck youreslf?
[Louise] when I met Whitney Houston i was star struck!
[Sub-Club] Ant and Dec often describe us as naked boffins (and sometimes they whisper stuff that we can't hear and then they laugh at us) so can I start by asking you to describe yourself in a couple of words and tell us about the most nerdy thing you've ever done!
[Louise] It has to be when I was at school and I was very academic. I used to sit down for ages doing bubble writing and drawing flowers round my homework. Describe myself in a couple of words - a bit mad, quite sensitive and up for a laugh
[slavenhr] Now Vernie and Easther are working solo ,are you interested in working with them again?
[Louise] Definitely, we're talking about it already

[slavenhr] Cool!!
[rocky] Has jamie returned to full time football yet after his injury problem?
[Louise] Jamie is back playing, fit and well
[Sub-Club] Every girl has a Bridget Jones moment (spinach in her teeth or knickers in her skirt) can you tell us one of yours?
[Louise] Always putting my foot in it - like dodgy moments in front of peoples parents and saying the wrong thing. I often forget my flies because I'm always in a rush!! 
[lawza] a question were all dying 2 no can u remember the words 2 ants song? (blink 4 ant!)
[Louise] I can - can you???
[slavenhr] I run a website dedicated to you it's called Beautiful Inside have you seen it?
[Louise] no, but I will definitely look later
[Sub-Club] All our clubbers think that Ant and Dec are great, who do you prefer? (we promise not to tell!) 
[Louise] I'm only choosing because I have to! they're both lovely and it's really hard to choose - but Dec!
[slavenhr] the address is www.louiseredknapp.f2s.com
[Louise] thanks!
[slavenhr] I would really like for you to send me your opinion!
[Sub-Club] I hear you have a new single out soon please tell us more (when is it released)
[Louise] It's Stuck in the Middle With you - released on 27th August.
[lawza] is ants forehead the biggest 1 uve ever seen?
[Louise] What you talking about?????
[Sub-Club] Why did you choose this particular song?
[ant&declover] were being ignored :-(
[slavenhr] Anyway I'm from Croatia and you have fans here too. I can't wait for the single!"
[Sub-Club] No you're not!!!
[Louise] It was a bit of a shot in the dark - I'm a big fan of the song and just wanted to give something a bit different a go.
[ant&declover] MANKY HANKEY@?
[Louise] I don't how to play it!
[Sub-Club] This is a cover from Reservoir Dogs isn'***? So does your video see you dressed in a suit dancing around a policeman tied to a chair like in the film reservoir dogs?
[Louise] It certainly does! I have done a complete spoof of the Resevoir Dogs scene. From start to finish.
[hot] Hi Louise ho old are u
[Louise] too old!
[rocky] I like your dancing that you do for your singles. I have seen you at CD UK In October last year and I was very impressed!!
[Louise] thank you very much Rocky!
[ant&declover] we do! Giv us clues and we guess the celeb
[Louise] Tonight we'll be playing a differnt game
[hot] I'm 10
[Louise] I'm 26!
[slavenhr] Were you angry when the press caught you in topless recently?It was very nasty of them
[Louise] I was embarassed more than angry
[lawza] im 14!!!!! and 15 in 20 days!!!
[slavenhr] I'm sorry to hear that!
[Sub-Club] Louise look what you've done!!
[Sub-Club] Andy 1301 has asked if you have a new album in the pipeline and do you plan to do a tour?
[Louise] The greatest Hits album is out on 10th September and it's called Changing Faces. I would love to tour that album as I would love to incorporate those songs.
[lawza] my mams 42 and my dads 37 my dogs 8
[Louise] My dogs 2!
[ant&declover] my tortoise is 26!
[Sub-Club] Noooooooooo
[slavenhr] Did you cover Eternal singles .stay,oh baby I on the album?
[Louise] No it's the original Eternal version
[hot] Will someone talk to me!
[Louise] Hello Hot!
[slavenhr] It would be interesting to hear your cover though!
[Sub-Club] What was the last album you bought?
[Louise] It was Janet Jacksons new album
[Sub-Club] What music would you buy your husband the fitballer, Jamie Redknapp?
[Louise] He's into heavy rap. He likes all different rap artists.
[erin] Louise, do you mind if I say, your husband is really fit and you're really lucky!
[Louise] Yeah I know I am!
[slavenhr] Any offers from record companies for a deal , or will you stay with EMI after all?
[Louise] I don't know yet

[slavenhr] Will you have more singles of Greatest Hits album?
[hot] Talk to me
[Louise] Hi again Hot, there's lots of people to answer but I'll try and talk to you as much as possible!
[slavenhr] Will you have more singles of Greatest Hits album?
[Louise] Don't know yet
[Sub-Club] right then
[Sub-Club] Ok its time to play a game, so clubbers, unravel the anagram to win a prize. For example...*ant and dec* would be *cat and end*, we call the game (originally enough) TWISTED WORDS and all the answers are related to Louise. Everyone who guesses correctly will receive a prize from sub-club and entry to the Hall of Fame (check out screen in the Joy Zone).
[judemcc] Hi! Sorry I'm late - visitors!!
[Louise] Welcome!
[Sub-Club] Louise, we'll tell the clubbers the twisted word and can you show the clues to the webcam
[Sub-Club] Game 1: A scan finch egg (clue the answer is only two words long)
[Sub-Club] say what you see clubbers

Louise is showing a strange drawing that she just made...

[ant&declover] WHAT is that?!
[Louise] I was never any good at art!
[slavenhr] hehe
[Sub-Club] can anyone guess what the twisted word is?
[ant&declover] Scary face
[Louise] Close!
[ant&declover] Scary face
[Louise] Remember it's an anagram of 'A scan finch egg' as well though
[nairn] bah, I missed this, what's going on?
[Sub-Club] Hmmmm we are playing a game nairn :-)
[hot] Broken Mirror
[Louise] No!
[ant&declover] wats an anagram!
[Sub-Club] mixed up word
[Louise] so louise would be ioeslu
[Sub-Club] No one wins this game, next game
[gingersub] agiccn snahgech?
[Louise] Err....no!
[Sub-Club] ooops 
[lawza] changing faces
[Louise] Excellent Lawza! you win!

[Sub-Club] next game
[Sub-Club] A Naked Prep Jim (clue only two words)
[smtvsoph] hallaw Louise!
[Louise] Hallaw!!!
[Sub-Club] check out the web cam for the clue
[Sub-Club] A Naked Prep Jim (clue only two words)
[slavenhr] Jamie Redknapp*
[lawza] wat do i win?
[Louise] My new single and video - signed (it's not even out yet!)
[slavenhr] Jamie Redknapp*
[Louise] Yes! Well Done!
[Sub-Club] OK final game.....
[Louise] same prize for you slavenhr
[Sub-Club] first one to guess this wins
[Sub-Club] Knead
[slavenhr] NAked
[erin] Louise, I like your cross necklace. Is it fashion, religion, or both?
[Louise] both
[slavenhr] Naked
[ant&declover] Danke
[Louise] no, but close
[judemcc] naked
[Louise] well done judemcc!

[Sub-Club] congratulations your prize will be sent to you in the post
[Louise] You can only win one game!
[slavenhr] Oh....:o)
[Sub-Club] Football, got to ask, do you actually like it? (we promise not to tell Jamie)
[Louise] It's ok! But I do support Jamie...and Liverpool!
[[slavenhr] I'm from Croatia will I get the prize too?
[Louise] yes, of course! The new single and video - signed!
[Sub-Club] Ok lets try this then for a quick game
[Sub-Club] clubbers get ready
[Sub-Club] guess the name of the song
[slavenhr] Thank you so much!!!!!!
[judemcc] Which do you prefer presenting or singing?
[Louise] Singing
[Sub-Club] feat cowd
[smtvsoph -> Sub-Club] i dunno wat to do!!!!
[Sub-Club] try to guess the name of the song by louise
[ant&declover] is this a louise song?
[Louise] yep
[hot] 2 faced
[Louise] well done!
[Sub-Club] congratulations your prize will be sent to you in the post
[Sub-Club] Do you sit there with Jamie and shout 'OFFSIDE REF' or 'FOUL' at the TV when football is playing?
[Louise] No, I shout 'How long till this is finished!'
[gingersub] does jamie wear lucky pants for big games?
[Louise] not that I know of!
[Sub-Club] Beans sent in an email asking 'When you go to watch Liverpool do you sing along and what's your favourite football song?
[Louise] sometimes you have to sing along because the atmosphere is so amazing when 50,000 people are singing 'you'll never walk alone' you just have to join in!
[Sub-Club] I've seen an interview where you call yourself a football widow, but surely you get to go to all the games and that's got to be good news!
[Louise] the big games are good and I have a good time with all the wives!
[lawza] i have 2 go! byeeeeeeee louise keep loving ant and dec!
[Louise] I will!
[gingersub] have you been to beckinham palace?
[Louise] I haven't been invited yet!
[Sub-Club] Louise, you're constantly winning awards for your looks (FHM's ***iest woman, Smash Hits most fanciable female singer, MTVs best dressed female) can you pass on any beauty tips to our clubbers?
[Louise] I think less is more sometimes with beauty - a good night's sleep and just being a happy person.
[erin] PLEASE tell me - do you get on with Posh?
[Louise] Whenever I've met her she's been nice, but I don't know her well
[Sub-Club] Is it a strain always having to look good or do you get to slob out?
[Louise] I don't always look good and I often slob out!
[slavenhr] From popstars who are your good friends?
[Louise] I don't know them
[ant&declover] was it fun presenting smtv with cat?
[Louise] yeah, really good fun
[slavenhr] I mean from celebrities
[Sub-Club] Good question this one from 'erin' are you a fashion shepherd or a fashion sheep?
[Louise] I tend to wear what I like and what suits me whether it be fashionable or not.
[gingersub] which other pop star would you like to do a duet with?
[Louise] JK!
[Sub-Club] Speaking of animals, you've become involved with animal welfare recently; can you tell us a little more about that?
[Louise] I actually did a 'say no to fur' campaign which I feel really strongly about. And I'm passionate about animals.
[judemcc] Do you have any animals at home?
[Louise] My dog Winston
[slavenhr] How's your dog Winston?
[Louise] He's fine and he's getting bigger everyday!
[Sub-Club] Stargazer sent in an email asking what your most embarrassing moment has been whilst performing live.
[Louise] I think once dropping the mike and at the Dome when the backing track didn't work!
[ant&declover] BYE BYE
[Louise] bye!
[slavenhr] When will we hear a song clip of your forthcomming single on your official site
[Louise] You will hear it first because that's what you've won!
[slavenhr] Can't wait :o) Thanks
[Sub-Club] Finally, what does the future hold for you (music, acting, presenting?)
[Louise] Hopefully all 3! And a bit of directing on the top of that - music videos.
[Sub-Club] Louise many thanks for joining us this week, good luck with the new single (although I it'll be huuuuuuggee, no doubt) and wish Jamie luck with the new season.
[slavenhr] Bye Louise!!!!:o)And good luck
[Louise] It's been great, thanks for chatting to me and hope to speak to you soon
[slavenhr] Yeah!

Ant and Dec left the room
Louise left the room