Source: ITV - The Chart Show
Date: 21st March 1998


Interview Dialogue:


[Louise Medley - Clips of all of the Singles Video's]

I saw the first Eternal video, Stay, a couple of months ago and it was kinda like watching somebody else. I didn't think it was me. It was like 'Who was that person?' and it was you, but it doesn't look like you.

The way you act, it's amazing that over the years you do grow up!

[Clips of the "Light Of My Life" Video]

I was so nervous with Light Of My Life as I had just left the band and everybody was saying to me, 'Do you really think that was a wise choice going with a Ballad?' But for me it was just a beautiful song and that was what I wanted to try and achieve out there, that is just try and put a beautiful song rather than try to achieve an image so early. So we went for it - and luckily it was a big hit for me, I was very fortunate!!

[More Clips of the "Light Of My Life" Video]

In Walked Love was my worst video ever, so please don't show it! [Laughter By Louise!]

[Clips of the "In Walked Love" Video - with 'Sorry Louise!' message printed on screen]


[Clips of the "Naked" Video]

I think my favourite video I think will have to be Naked just to the.....well I love dancing, its something I've always enjoyed doing and this video really gave me the chance to do that. Even though it was....god, about a year and a half ago now!! I think it is a very good dance video for anybody that is into dancing, no matter what kind of music you're into!!

[Clips of the "Undivided Love" Video]

Something else that I would like to do is have another tour, maybe not quite as many and maybe a few different places, just three to four kind of "live gigs" around the Country!

'Louise plays Glastonbury?' - I don't know if that one is gonna happen!

[More Clips of the "Undivided Love" Video]


Screen 'Subtitle' Info:

"A quick recap of Louise's career so far...starting with Eternal's Stay, then solo with Light Of My Life, In Walked Love, Naked, Undivided Love, Arms Around The World, Lets Go Round Again and stay turned for her NEW Exclusive All That Matters"

[Clips of the "All That Matters" Video]

"I wanted to do a video slightly different than what I've done before!!

I liked to experiment and do as many different things as possible, and I've those dancing videos which have been well choregraphed and styled.

I wanted to do something that took me away from that and include a little bit of acting....but not that much!!"

[Clips of the "All That Matters" Video]


Screen 'Subtitle' Info:

"So will Louise be jetting off to the World Cup for the summer with Jamie? She admits she will be taking a break soon but is staying tight-lipped otherwise.

A laughing Louise told us: 'I don't know what I'm doing and I don't want to say anything 'cos I don't want to tempt fate either!' "