Channel 4's Teletext, June 1998
We talk to.........Louise Nurding

 You'd imagine that being consistently voted the World's Sexist Woman might make you the teeniest bit conscious of your looks - maybe even a little vain.
 But not pop star Louise. The down-to-earth south London girl is more worried about the state of her heart than whether she's the ultimate babe.

 "You can believe your own hype, but being healthy, and having a good ticker are the most important thing," she says.
 Wearing a shimmering lilac trouser suit when we met, Louise certainly lives up to her image as every man's dream girl.

But the singer, who's had huge solo success since leaving pop group Eternal, insists she's nothing special.
 "I can look great and I can look awful like everyone else, when I've got got no make-up on and my hair shoved back in a pony tail," she says. "Being on TV hasn't changed anything. I am who I am"

It's hard to imagine the svelte Louise ever having a fat day, but the 23-year-old says she's not naturally skinny.
 "I've just started trying to work out - but not a lot!", she laughs. "I don't want to get too fat, no one does, but I find exercising so boring. I don't eat healthily either. I put on weight easily, and it may all catch up with me in time. I know I'll worry more as I get older."

Louise may be more famous for her beauty than her brains, but she's smart enough to now that teenage wannabes are likely to hang on to her every word.
 "Young people should never feel pressured into looking a certain way, or wearing something just to be hip," she says, her eyes wide and serious.
 "One man's meat is another man's poison. Skinny isn't necessarily attractive. It's just what's in the magazines."

A die-hard fish fingers and chips fan who exercises half-heartedly, Louise is clearly a young woman easily bored by stringent health and beauty regimes.
 "I'm not going to let diet and exercise rule me - I just want to enjoy life," she says. "I don't want to waste time worrying that my belly's sticking out."

No sign of that on her raunchy singing videos, I point out.
 "That's because I always breathe in," she laughs.

In the wake of the Spice Girls split Louise knows all about going it alone after enjoying group success.
 "It's so important to be happy in your life. If something's making you unhappy you have to do something about it."
 "I'm sure the Spices will stay mates," she adds with girl-next-door optimism. "I speak to Eternal girls all the time. If I've got a problem they're the first people I'll go to," she insists.

As a glamorous pop singer engaged to a heartthrob soccer star, Louise knows her relationship with Jamie Redknapp makes them the paparazzi's dream. But she's not going to let it get her down.
 "Some days I get lot's of attention, other days I don't. I don't really think about it," she says with a touch of restrained hesitation.
 "I love singing, that's what I do. I take the fame with a pinch of salt."