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 Louise's Takeover

 Louise takes over the Capital FM studio to spin her top five tracks, answer your questions and chat about her new album and imminent tour.

 I'm now going to be sticking my hand in a great big, ridiculous red and white hat, pulling out pieces of paper, and reading questions for myself!

 Question one - If you could only eat one kind of food, what would it be? Well, recently I found out that I was allergic to dairy and I really miss a big bar of chocolate. My mouth waters if I see somebody sitting opposite me eating a big old bar of chocolate. I miss you!

 Question two - You lend a friend a piece of jewellery you love, and so far she hasn't returned it. Do you say anything? I would very politely say "Oh, you know what, I'm going out Saturday. Have you got that piece of jewellery because it would really go with my outfit." And then really hope I don't bump in to her when I haven't got it on!

 Questions three - What's been the best day in your life? I have to be really sloppy and everyone's going to be sick, even myself! But I have to say when I got married. I had everybody that means the world to me on a lovely beach in Bermuda. Completely my day. It is your day to feel like a princess I have to say. Only thing was, I wanted to get up the next day and put the dress back on, but I couldn't! Definitely the best day of my life. 100%.

 Now for my all time top favourite songs. At No.5 it is Janet Jackson with 'Escapade'. The reason I like this song is because it reminds me totally of my youth. This was the song that I used to make up dance routines to with Kelly, who was also in Eternal with me, as you will all remember. We used to spend hours and hours trying to learn Janet Jackson dance moves. We never quite got it together like she did, but we had great fun doing it.

 At No.4 is one of my all time favourite male artists. It's Jamiroquai with 'Space Cowboy'. For me he's got an extraordinary voice. Every time he releases a song it's brilliant. I love all of his albums, and that's going back a little bit!

 At No.3, 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' by Stevie Wonder, who is my all time favourite singer in the world. He's a fantastic musician. I don't think he's ever released something I haven't liked. And I'm sure he'll go on for years and years to come.

 Moving on to No.2. This is such a girly song. This is 'No Scrubs' by TLC, and I don't think there's a girl in the world that hasn't driven along in her car singing out the window to this song. It's a great girly tune and I love it.

 And at No.1, the one and only Michael Jackson with 'Billie Jean'. I think, most probably, one of the all time best songs ever released. And one of the biggest albums ever released and sold world-wide, so a fantastic song, the kind of song you can't sit still to. You have to get up and have a little boogie to it.

 Now 'Stay' was the very first song I ever released with Eternal, and I still have to say, to date, probably my favourite Eternal song. Which is the reason I put it on my 'Greatest Hits' album, out in the shops at the moment. It consists of all the songs - 'Stay', 'Just A Step From Heaven', 'Naked', 'Light Of My Life' - everything you could imagine on there. A whole ten year's worth of music!

 Question four - What's your favourite film? 'Bridget Jones' Diary'. I loved that film. It's so funny.

 Question five - Who would you most like to sit next to on a plane trip? If they were still alive, somebody like Marilyn Monroe. Somebody you could just chat to and find out so much about their life, what their views were on things and how things used to be.

 Question six - What's your favourite hangover cure? Don't get up before 12pm, that's never a good move with a hangover, and I'd have to say scrambled egg on toast and a big mug of tea.

 My time is finally up. I've had great fun, it's been really enjoyable. Don't forget, you can catch me on tour through February and March, I'll be everywhere, from Scotland down to Cornwall. I'll be at Shepherds Bush, I'll be in Croyden...if you get a chance come down, we'll be doing all the old songs, it's going to be lots of fun, I'm really looking forward to it.