The Big Breakfast

Interviewed by Snap

Snap: Louise has recently been voted the sexiest woman in the world and is fast becoming one of Britain's favourite female artists. But what does it take to reach pop babe status? Snap tracked down Louise to find out more.

Louise: I got kind of found in a night club, you know, I was just there dancing around, and so it was purely by luck, otherwise who knows what I'd be doing today.

Snap: Louise had no need to worry - she was destined for stardom from an early age.

Louise: My first dancing lesson was when I was about three or four, in ballet, and then I carried on dancing until the age of eleven, just kind of normal classes. Then, at the age of eleven I went to a stage school where I did ballet, tap, modern and jazz. I wasn't too good at ballet - I used to really enjoy it and really wanted to do it well, but my teacher would just say to me "You're just not built to be a ballerina, Louise, it's just never going to happen." I think that was the one reason that I never excelled in ballet because I was conscious of these blooming pink tights - if you catch yourself in the mirror, it's like two big sausage legs coming out of the bottom of your leotard.

Snap: But there was one person at stage school who never had that problem.

Louise: Naomi Campbell was in quite a few classes above, so I'd only ever watch her through the window. There was always this little nose pressed up, watching all the older girls.

Snap: It almost makes school sound like fun, Louise.

Louise: I had to leave at seventeen because I was already in Eternal at that stage, and we were too busy for me to keep on going to college, but I loved it - I wanted to keep on going but there wasn't the time.

Snap: Joining Eternal was definitely a smart move - the girl band's success snowballed after the release of their debut single "Stay".

Louise: Fifty percent of it was down to being there at the right time, having the right people backing us - the record company, the management - they are all very good at their job. The other fifty percent was how hard we worked as a group.

Snap: But after five top ten singles and a multi-platinum debut album, Louise stunned the pop world by leaving Eternal to go solo.

Louise: The first album I was very nervous, I think my confidence was very low after leaving Eternal - I didn't know what to expect.

Snap: Louise needn't have worried though, because her debut album "Naked" went platinum and was followed by five consecutive top twenty hits.

Louise: You do work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - you don't stop, but it is worthwhile and some of the pay backs are amazing.

Snap: They sure are - how many other twenty-two year olds are engaged to gorgeous footballer Jamie Redknapp?

Louise: We've known each other for a long, long time - we were good mates for, like, three years. Snap: But Louise, we want to know when to buy a hat for the wedding.

Louise: I know - I'm kind of one of those people - I believe that everyone in life deserves the right to get married and have children if that's what they want, but I'm also very career minded and love my career. I believe that you can have them both when the time's right. It's just about working out your life, you know, if you have that good a relationship, you each understand each others pressures, you can do it when the times right for both of you.

Snap: How lovely Louise, but does the understanding go as far as football?

Louise: No - I'm not into football at all - not at all.

Snap: But loyal Louise isn't the type of girl to drop her friends for a mere bloke.

Louise: When I'm touring abroad I get homesick - that's the worst thing about this business for me. If I'm going away for a week I go on my own, but if it's two weeks I have to take a friend. So, all my girlfriends from school, from the age of eleven, we're all still really close and they all take it in turns to come along with me.

Snap: She'll be needing their services pretty soon when her first UK tour kicks off in November, and with her second album due to be released on October 6th, Louise is riding high, but she's not taking anything for granted.

Louise: If I can still sell music in ten years time, then I'd still like to make it, but I will stop when the day comes when people aren't buying my records.

Snap: Lucky Louise was discovered by chance dancing in a night club. Louise will be giving young budding starlets their big break when she will audition unknown dancers for her forthcoming tour.

Louise: I know a lot of really talented people out there that just haven't had any luck, so if I can maybe open a couple of doors for a couple of people, I'd like to give that back.