Source: BIG! Magazine
Date: 6-19 March 1996
Heading: Opinion Up!


Take That split - tragic or terrific?
"I think it's tragic, they're a great group. They gave a lot to the English public, and the world on England's behalf. A lot of people say, 'Oh well they're in such good positions, how can they not be grateful,' but people don't understand the pressure of being in a group. They gave it a good run for their money. We should be proud of them and just accept that now they want a bit of time for themselves."

Is there too much sex in teen mags?
"You know, I think it's good they carry sex advice. You hear so much crap about sex when you're at school that you don't know what to believe. Some kids can't go to their parents, so it's good to be able to pick up a magazine and learn the facts. I think parents underestimate kids. They think they'll read about sex and the next minute they'll be rushing out and doing it. Most kids either learn from it or laugh about it."

Pot Noodles - gorgeous or gross?
"Gross. I've tried one and apart from the taste, the smell is horrible. Some of my friends like them and they come round and they're like, 'I've got a Pot Noodle!' and I'm like, 'Oh no, it'll stink out my whole flat.' I once tried a chicken one and it was disgusting. I'm a 'McDonalds' girl but I became a vegetarian about six months ago so now I order cheeseburgers without the burger! People look at me like I'm mad."

Who would you snog - Liam or Damon?
"If it was life or death? Liam. I like his music better. I like some of Oasis' stuff although I'm not a huge fan. I bought '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' and I can see why people like it, it's excellent. I like 'Wonderwall' the best. Liam isn't my ideal man - but if it was life or death..."

Is there life after death?
"I don't know. I like to think that when you die you go to heaven. I think heaven is a place where everyone is pretty cool and it's a time to be happy and chill out. I'd like Johnny Depp in my heaven!"

Have boy bands had their day?
"No, not at all. Things change all the time. There's still some great boy bands out there. I think 4Mandu are brilliant. They're my big tip, and I love MN8. I think those two bands have something slightly different to offer, which is really nice. There's something for everyone out there."

Is Tom Cruise worth $20m a film?
"No way. I think he's excellent but come on, let's get real here. I don't think you can put a price on people, and I mean the guy's talented, but $20m makes money seem like water. It's unreal to me, it becomes monopoly money. You could never spend that much money."

Are supermodels sad?
"I think they're good. You've got pop stars and film stars so why not famous models? It's an escapist thing. Cindy Crawford's beautiful and I like it that she's not stick-thin. Kate Moss is gorgeous too, she's a Croydon girl made good."

Is Brad Pitt sex on a stick?
"I went to see Seven last night. I've never been a big fan but I gotta admit, he was looking pretty good. I thought the film was excellent - really gory! But apart from Johnny Depp, I'm more likely to fancy the ordinary bloke in the Street."