Source: Auto Car

Date : 1996


Former singer with Eternal, she has had a string of hits and just released her first solo album Naked

 What do you drive and why?

I've got a Suzuki Cappuccino, which I bought because I loved the way it looked and thought it would encourage me to pass my driving test.

 Has it lived up to your expectations?

Absolutely. It still looks great and, when I've got one of my friends who can drive with me, it's great fun.

 What was your first car?

It was the VW Beetle my mum bought me when I was 17. I don't know how much it cost. She bought it so that I could learn to drive, but sadly it's still rotting on the driveway four years later.

 What cars would you most and least like to own?

The Suzuki suits me perfectly. What I need now is a full licence! I would't fancy an old Skoda, though.

 What is your favourite car colour?

Silver looks brilliant - I love it. I don't think there's any colour I really don't like.

 What is your favourite road?

Any road that I'm not taking my driving test on is idea!

 Your most memorable driving moment?

My first drive in the Cappuccino was great. I just went out locally with my friends. Normally, we pop down to the shops or go out for coffee.

 Do you have any driving confessions?

I've not passed my test and I'm already suffering from road rage. I get frustrated and easily distracted.

 Describe your style of driving?

It's all about learning, but obviously my driving is quite limited if I can't find someone to sit with me. And because of my work schedule, it can be really hard to book lessons and a date for a test.

 Who would be your ideal car companion?

Stevie Wonder is my all-time favourite musician and I like to play his music in the car. So I guess it would be him - he could entertain me.

 What is the worst road rage incident you've been involved in?

There's been no specific incident, but I'm concerned I get agitated at the wheel. It's a bit premature, though!